Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pizza Bean Chips?

Growing up in the 1980s, I think many of us ate some strange family dinners. However, it wasn’t until this weekend that I heard of probably the strangest meal ever: pizza, baked beans and potato chips. Yup, all three items served together on a weekly basis.

When my long-time friend shared this dark family secret, those who heard this amazing anecdote (including her husband for the first time) were entertained and enthralled. Why did these items become a weekly meal? Could, say, lima beans be substituted for the canned baked beans? And what about Doritos – could they take the place of potato chips? After some research (otherwise known as asking her mom why this strange meal ever occurred), it was found that her dad just happens to really like baked beans and felt that pizza warranted a side dish.

For now, I’ll be sticking with beer as my pizza side dish. Anyone else have any strange meals as a kid?


Bruiser Woods said...

That certainly is one creative meal! My complements to the chef! And a tasty photo to boot! The pizza in the picture looks like one of the many Mama Celeste frozen microwave pizzas I ingested in my youth.

I bet somewhere they serve pizza TOPPED with baked beans and chips. And i will not rest until I visit that place!

Elle Woods said...

Maybe YOU should try pizza topped with baked beans. I think chips crunched on top would add some decent texture and saltiness.

The Goddess said...

I'm sure I had many odd meal combinations as a kid, but the one that comes to mind is Kraft boxed mac and cheese with Hillshire Farms sausage (both foods I refuse to eat now). We had that a lot; no idea why those two foods got paired.

Blecch *shudder*

Bruiser Woods said...

Hillshire Farms? "Go Meat!"

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I love those ads.