Monday, June 04, 2007

Odd State of Affairs

Nothing says "it's the night before a wedding" than chilling at an uber-smokey bar with a pregnant waitress selling test tube shooters! Yeah, this really happened in a small, central Pennsylvania town. I won't guess the kind of alcohol in her colorful test tube shooters distributed to the tunes of Bon Jovi and AC/DC. I fear it involved Everclear.

Sadly missing from this photo is a customer sporting matching, orange-sized tattoos on ther "upper boob-le area." I guess you could say it was an unforgettable night.


Bruiser Woods said...

Wow...someone is getting fancy with her photo editing software. In fact, I bet that waitress isn't really pregnant! You probably just stretched out her lower boob-le area.

What was the orange-sized tattoo of? An orange?

Elle Woods said...

This chick is either preggo or walking around with a pillow. As for the tatto on the other chick, it was some weird design. It reminded me of the drawing in that movie with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaghey where they thought aliens were drawing spaceships...