Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TV Shows on DVD

Big news this week about TV shows coming out on DVD. One of my favorite web sites -- -- just ran a story about "My So Called Life" *finally* appearing on DVD. While I'll have to wait until fall for the set, I'll be pleased as punch to see Jared Leto when he was still hot. Ahh...those were the days. In the meantime for your viewing plesure, "90210 - The Second Season" just came out on DVD yesterday. So for those without expanded cable and access to SoapNet, Dylan can certainly fill in until fall.

[I know, I know...this post wasn't funny or silly. But I contend it is newsworthy and helpful, and I'm just trying to keep things fresh.]


Bruiser Woods said... i loved this show, and MTV's reruns of it while in college. A wise investment for any video library.

You know, i totally never realized that the Jared Leto so loathed by Perez was THE Jordan Catalano! Man, I can be dense sometimes...

Elle Woods said...

Frankly, the Jordan Catalano of yore is nothing like the current Mr. Leto. He should really be ashamed of himself.