Thursday, April 13, 2006

Language learning made fun!

Those 8:00 AM foreign language classes in college would have been much more fun if we used texts like the one described in this blog entry. I'm sure any Japanese who studied from this book would blend right in in "da hood".

So, thank you, Randall C. Miller, Jr. You are a valuable asset to the field of cross-cultural communication. And you wear that do-rag well.


Elle Woods said...

I wonder who Randall C. Miller Jr. is? And how does he know Japanese? I'm happy that he did include the VERY important word "puntang" in his book. How could one walks the scary streets of Wash DC without knowing that fine word?

Lloyd61 said...

I also find it interesting that in the order of cities that he names of where this might be used, Boston is at the top of the list...

It is very important that the Japanese people learn this stuff. When we were in Japan last month my husband taught our friend to use such colloquialisms as "hit the can" and "drain the lizard" which she now uses with pride.