Monday, January 23, 2006

I knew this guy couldn't be trusted!

Never bet on a guy with big hair. As if it weren't bad enough that some dude had been defaming a Kennedy administration official on Wikipedia, it seems Adam Curry (yes, that old MTV VJ Adam Curry) got busted for tweaking the site's entry for "podcasting" to try and give himself more credit for its proliferation that he is actually due.

This is technically old news, but I thought I'd post something here to document STSS' displeasure at Mr. Curry's abuse of the Internets. Shame on you, Hair Boy!

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Elle Woods said...

I say the plegde to the Internet everyday. I love the Internet. I admire everything the Internet does for me everyday. I equally love Apple and the joy it has brought me over the years. While I applaud what MTV brought to the world in the early 80s (and from time to time since, re: The Real World when it was good), the fact that this lame has-been MTV VJ has toyed with the Internet and Apple's Pod is horrendous! I'm glad Bruiser is trying to set him straight and give him some bad press!